Neko meets Tree Snake

Neko meets snake at Midge Point, Queensland

Neko sees her first snake. Fortunately, it’s a common tree snake, non-venomous and considered harmless. We have been concerned about how Neko would relate to snakes. She discovered this beautiful creature and we let her go for a bit to see how she handled it. Not well, is the answer. It turns out she is curious, as she is with everything. If it had been one of the dangerous species found here, the eastern brown or eastern taipan, we would have had big problems. The adventure cat is now officially at risk around dangerous snakes. We do not want her harming harmless species such as this one.

Many people ask us about our travels with our cat, Neko. We have put a wealth of information on travelling with a cat on Walkabout Cat Adventures. Check it out.

Dendrelaphis punctulata – Common tree snake, Green Tree Snake, Yellow-bellied Black Snake, Grass Snake.

Non-venomous, considered harmless, inoffensive and bites infrequently. Emits a strong odour from the cloaca if handled firmly.

Note: All reptiles may carry bacteria in their mouths. Bites can cause complications from infection, even if they are a harmless species. All snakes should be treated as a potential risk and should be left alone, or to the responsibility of professional snake handlers.

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