Norman, the Mayor of Midge Point

House sitting The Whitsundays

– 10 things we will miss
  1. Norman
  2. 26 Degrees
  3. Soldier crab art
  4. Ocean blue
  5. Space
  6. People
  7. Sand
  8. The buggy
  9. Driftwood
  10. Wildlife
  11. The Mayor of Midge Point
Where the focaccia is

Midge Point?

In Queensland’s tropical north, about an hours drive south of Airlie Beach is the hamlet of Midge Point. Big deserted beaches, views of the Whitsunday Islands and great fishing.

Midge Point Beach looking to the Whitsunday Islands
Midge Point Beach looking to the Whitsunday Islands

The list requires some explanation so here goes…

Norman is the reason we are here. A large breed dog, consisting of (this is a guess) some deerhound, wolfhound, maybe a smattering of Lab. His Mum calls him her $40 special. Norman, like us, is feeling the years creeping up. His legs don’t work as well as they should, but his hearing, eyesight and sense of smell are as sharp as a puppy. His soul is kind, his eyes are wise, and his nose senses illness. He has taken on his new role of caring for Neko (our cat) with vigour. Under Normans watch we can be sure no harm will come to her. When it comes to this truly special dog, we can safely say we have fallen head over heels in love. It has been a pleasure to get to know such an amazing animal.

Norman, The Mayor of Midge Point

26 Degrees is the average winters day temperate for June/July/August in Midge Point. The average nighttime low is 12 degrees. This is winter! Need we say more?

Soldier Crab Art festoons the main beach in Midge Point, home to a lot (that is a colossal understatement) of powder blue soldier crabs. Every day at low tide, armies of soldier crabs storm the beach to feed on detritus (this must be true because Wikipedia says it is). They munch their way up leaving round pellets of sand in beautiful artistic displays. It is mesmerising to walk amongst the shapes to see what one can find. Maple leaves seem to pop out often. Might be a Canadian thing!

Soldier Crab art, Midge Point Beach

Ocean Blue does no justice in describing the colour of the water in this part of the world. It varies from baby blue to aquamarine. And, it’s warm with a year-round temperature of about 25 degrees celsius. Yes, you read it correctly, 25 degrees!

The Whitsundays
The Whitsundays
The Whitsundays
The Whitsundays

Space is a wonderful thing. We are house sitting on a 5-acre property. There is something to be said about waking up every morning surrounded by nature. The sounds vary with many species of birds, more frogs than you can poke a stick at, cane toads and very loud gecko’s all vying to be heard. We love this feeling of space, so much so that we bought 2 acres in the Queensland Sunshine Coast hinterland. Yup, homeowners again, this time with space.

Neko at Midge Point
Neko at Midge Point

People come into your life and you know, you just know that you have met forever friends. We started this housesit with the intention of looking after Jodi and Steve’s dog Norman. We will leave this housesit with the pleasure of making new friends that we are sure to see again. It goes without saying that such a special dog would have awesome people parents, and he does.

Jodi and Steve are surrounded with great neighbours. Next door is Ken, Norman’s best friend outside of family. Norman picks good people, Ken is good people. Across the street is Ellen and Trev. They invited us to local bingo where we had the pleasure of meeting some awesome locals. Ellen and Trev have been great with assistance in living here. They bring goodies (so does Ken). They keenly think of our interest in animals when the local wildlife passes through their property. We can’t stress enough how much we appreciate these lovely people. It has been a pleasure having the opportunity to get to know them.

Sand flows forever in The Whitsundays. We share Norman’s love of the beach and the daily walks across the sand are memories we will hold forever. There is magic in sand. It warms the body, buries all stresses and sprinkles the skin with a feeling of serenity. We love to sit captivated by the ocean and sea life. Norman likes to dig and fish in the shallows. It’s a match made in heaven.

Midge Point Beach
Midge Point Beach

The buggy is an “all terrain vehicle”, that transports us along several well-worn trails, spitting us out near the mangroves so we can make our way along the sandy beach until we reach the mouth of the river. This is where we park for our daily beach walk. When driving the buggy, don’t get in Norman’s way as his focussed concentration is what keeps it on track.

ATV Buggy and the long tide at Midge Point Beach
ATV Buggy and the long tide at Midge Point Beach, The Whitsunday Islands in the distance

Driftwood can be sparse on some Australian beaches. Not here. The warm sand slides between your toes as you trek along looking for the perfect piece. This beach is driftwood heaven for those of us who like to collect it, or for those of us that like to chew it up into little pieces. We will leave it up to you to guess who likes what!

Wildlife spotting is always exciting. As animal lovers we love to see old favourites such as wallabies, kangaroos, emus, kookaburras, possums, pythons and various others. We are uber excited when we see new and interesting beasties. The frogs have already been mentioned, as have the cane toads. We had the opportunity to see a beautiful green tree snake and an echidna. Not to mention the various hawks and wedge tail eagles that soar above the cane fields. The sea eagles and kites are regulars on the beach and we are surrounded by stone-curlews.

Green Tree Frog
Green Tree Frog
Midge Point beastie
Midge Point beastie
Common tree snake
Common tree snake

The Mayor of Midge Point, on the list because we can’t count and because his story is so important.

We must share a day in the life of Norman…

6:15 am. Ready to be let out so he can have a quick chew on his ball and hope that someone throws it a couple of times. Helps get the nighttime aches and pains out.

6:30 Heads across the street to meet Ellen and Trev (and friends) for their morning walk. This walk is capped off with a treat (this is an important part of the walk).

7:00 Home to take a rest before breakfast

8:00 Breaky

8:04 Hopefully someone has stuck around to play ball

8:30 Heads over to Ken’s to say good morning and hopefully get another treat.

Middle part of the day is spent watching the goings on in the street, at home, and other properties. Norm does not miss anything.

3:00 Head to the beach in the buggy (doesn’t seem to care about tides, that’s stuff for his people to worry about).

4:00 Head home

4:03 Dinner

4:04 Play ball

6:00 Bedtime

Norman, the Mayor of Midge Point, sleeps
Norman, the Mayor of Midge Point, sleeps

9:00 (ish) Go pee. This ritual involves a slow rise from bed, a long stretch and a quick pee in the yard. Importantly, you have to have a torch or he won’t go.

Any wonder Norman’s nickname is “The Mayor of Midge Point”. He has no problem letting you know if you have missed any of the above times. Or if anything or anyone is out of place. Or if the pesky cat is doing something he deems inappropriate. Norm watches. Norm knows all. Norm is loved by all.

What a pleasure it has been to live here for 3 months on our journey. Everyone has been so wonderful, especially this special boy, The Mayor of Midge Point, aka Mr. Norman Poole.

Mr Norman Poole, The Mayor of Midge Point
Mr Norman Poole, The Mayor of Midge Point
House sitting the Whitsundays
Article Name
House sitting the Whitsundays
KK and Owel took the plunge to try house sitting. Our first experience turned out to be awesome looking after a great dog in the beautiful Whitsundays.

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  1. Just an awesome read!! Thank you for sharing!!
    I can smell that salt air & feel the warmth of the sand, wind & water! from your words.
    The best part of your ‘musings’….Norman!! Wow! Sounds like a special Dude!! 🐾

  2. It really is a divine area of this big red land. We have taken a bareboat charter each year for the last few, and I am hoping that this year will not be an exception. Whitehaven is sensational, so too Palm Bay Resort, a sort of upmarket backpackers at Long Island. The whole of the Whitsundays are a real fave. Your article makes me want to go there IMMEDIATELY, instead of being on the road to Coober Pedy.

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