7 thoughts on “Beach camping in Mid Queensland”

    1. Hi Karen,


      Hopefully, we can tidy the site up next week and add more content. We collect content at a big rate, just need to process and upload. Trust all is well your way, Al

  1. David John Rawson

    Hi Owel and Judy,
    Have you settled down to a routine on the road?
    Are u working to a rough plan of when and when and what?
    How are the solar panels working out on the bus?
    And have you found time to do some creative stuff such as writing and short films?

    1. Hey Dave,
      So far so good. Lots of little teething things to sort and we are working through plans to make the bus the way we want it. Solar is going well, needs a bit of a tweak but happy with it. Creative stuff is struggling a bit although that is about to change. We did film some Aboriginal friends and family in a very exciting opportunity. Stay tuned 🙂 Cheers, Oqel

  2. Watch the tides! On Ocean Beach, travel as close to low tide as possible, as this is when beach driving conditions are safest. Avoid driving three hours either side of high tide.

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