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Bus Motorhome Rookie Failures

So, you purchase an old school bus, to convert or already converted to a motorhome. Yay! Then there are approximately a gazillion jobs to do to get on the road. We will go through our experience of this in future posts.

To start, here is a short video of a couple of gotchas for newbies. Our school bus was already converted, but we wanted to change, upgrade and fix lots of things. Although Al had a truck license from years ago, he proved to be a little rusty.

In this video, Al fesses up to a minor altercation with a power pole and a couple of other lessons. The beginning of

Rookie Errors with our converted school bus
Rookie Errors with our converted school bus

You purchase an old school bus, converted to a motorhome, and it's time to change things. We will be discussing lots of aspects of our setup in future videos. For now, a couple of lessons for a rookie bus driver.

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  1. Love the update. I can relate to the mirror, I’ve done it wth a truck on a parked truck. And I have been caught out with the kill set. On the boat. So VERY sympathetic.

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